Legacy – A Feature of the Future


Interested about Legacy?

Legacy is a system designed to help Members (Readers) and Creators benefit for advanced content systems. How? By making things cheaper, offering bonuses and opportunities that generate a closer relationship between the consumer (the reader) and the content provider (the creator).

To learn exact details on who is affected and the bonuses, check below:

Let's start with Readers. How do they benefit? Simple. It makes everything cheaper, especially for a platform that advocates for quality.

Let's take a novel as an example. Usually, a reader has to click a link, go to a third party platform, register, and pay $1-3 to recieve access to an advanced chapter. After so long, how many chapters will they buy? Can they buy? Who is going to pay $50-300 for a book of 30 to 50 chapters? And Creators can't always lower prices. First, you cannot pay under a $1 on these platforms because the transfer of money is an expensive venture (hence the development of cyrptocurrencies). Second, if they increase the  the number of chapters per $1, there is no guarantee people will even see, buy or continue. That is because conversion factors have always been a tough thing to crack.

With Legacy, Readers can now either:
1. get bonus virtual currencies from commenting and checking-in to gain access to these chapters.
2. buy a virtual currency in bulk, allowing  each chapters to be, as we have been told, is 'dirt cheap'. Starting from 6 cents!

Having a hard time getting your readers to participate on your Patreon or PayPal account? 

Not receiving as many comments or reviews as you wanted?

Well, with Legacy, it may solve all that!

Legacy allows your content to be cheaper and easily more accessible to readers. The more readers that you have, offsets the low cost of each chapters you you can set.
Here is an example:

1 of your chapters costs $1 on Patreon vs $0.16 on Creative Novels.

On Patreon, you have 16 readers, so after Patreon and Paypal fees, you get around $13.

Whilst on Creative novels, because it is 16 cents, readers can buy maybe 10 chapters and increses the number of readers that has easy access to your chapters. So, for example, you will have 30 readers for 16 cents and 10 chapters. That's $48. 

See the difference? Check out Features of Legacy to learn more about the automatic and manual operations, mass payouts, how much the site takes, and the rates of each content can be set to.

Creative Essence (CE) is a virtual currency users can buy and trade among other users and creators in order to unlock content.

Each CE has a value of $0.02 USD.

Each Creator can request a rate ranging from 8 CE to 14 CE per 1K words. So, a chapter with 1.5K words will be worth 12 CE for a novel set at a rate at 8 CE per 1K.

CE can also be traded among other users as gifts. Details in the gift section.

Creative Spirit (CS) is a virtual currency that cannot be bought.

Users can earn them by commenting and logging in the site daily. With Creative Spirit, they can also unlock content.